Terence Beckles

Terence Beckles was born in Far Rockaway, NY but moved to Richmond, VA during his childhood. At an early age, he became the entertainment for family because of his natural singing and dancing abilities. He participated in many talent shows, local plays, musicals, drama clubs, and competing dance teams. All of these activities led up to him attending Henrico High School’s Center for the Arts where he studied Vocal Musical Theatre. The start of his actual dance career was when he auditioned for and ended up with a starring role in a SPARC (School of Performing Arts in the Richmond Community) production of the musical Cats.  Though he performed one of the biggest vocal parts as Bustopher Jones, he also doubled as a dancer.  All costumes were shipped from NY and LA but Pam Turner, the choreographer, had the production company get a separate costume made for him. She wanted him to dance throughout the entire show. That was the moment Terence knew that dancing was what he wanted to pursue.  Focusing on dance brought about opportunities such as opening up for Kelly Rowland, Young Jeezy, Brandy, and Bobby Valentino in VA.  In the in between time Terence worked many jobs to support his commute between VA and NY to train and audition. Finally, he moved to NY to further his career in dance.  The reputation he built in VA still lives as he is often requested to comeback and teach alongside great choreographers such as Chuck Maldonado. After training at Broadway Dance Center, different dance conventions, and participating in the Rhapsody James Motivating Excellence Intensive, Terence is ready to make his dreams a reality.