Sun Kim

Kangseon Kim, as known as Sun Kim, was born and raised in South Korea. She started dancing at the age of 13 in an after school program at Dong Suwon Junior High School. She started with break dancing, then found the style of popping, which she just fell in love with but she also has trained many street dance styles such as locking, house, hiphop and waacking. Since she moved to New York in 2011, she has trained various styles of dance such as ballet, contemporary dance, commercial jazz, Heels dance, and west african dance at Broadway Dance Center, Peri Dance, Cumbe Dance and Ballet Arts. She got her first big job through 45Degrees/Cirque du Soleil for Stella Artois Hosts Le Savoir as a main dancer. 


She won several competitions such as Step Ya Game Up 2014, Book of styles 2014, Immortal Street Dance battle 2013, Style 4 Style 2012 and was the top 8 at UK B-Boy championship world final as USA popping representative. Also She has done Vitasoy soy milk commercial as a main dancer/actress, Olga Bell’s new music video, Randomness, and judged popping battle at Ladies of Hip-Hop festival. She also has taught popping at Broadway Dance Center, EXPG, Peri dance and Princeton University.

She likes to teach popping to non dancers and session with different people to get inspired. 


Many people have inspired in so many ways but MJ Choi is the one that always believes in me that I can succeed things no one can do. She has helped me to produce my own show, Who You Are in Korea and NYC.


My favorite saying is that every flower blooms in its own time.