Steven "Sincere" Fisher

Steven (Sincere) Fisher was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY the youngest of 5. Dancing was something he always loved growing up. It was passed down to him through his mother which he lost at the age of 22. Steven started dancing at the age of 6, he performed at his schools talent shows and neighborhood outings. He then attended Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School where he began to notice and grow a stronger love for dance. He joined a dance team in his school training with Whitney Brown and where he also met choreographer Soraya Lundy.
Steven decided to take his career to the next level by training at Broadway Dance Center with choreographers like Luam, Jermaine Brown, Ant Boogie, Soraya Lundy, and Andrew Carter (Dr. Ew). Outside of dancing Steven had a love and passion for fashion, he then started his own bracelet line that one day wishes to expand along with becoming a fashion designer. Throughout his time training at Broadway dance Center he booked his first major job with Singer K Michelle, which was choreographed by Soraya Lundy. Coming up as dancer he has also been inspired by various of dancers, artist and choreographers like Frankie Gordils, Adrian Wiltshire, John Silver, Valentine,
Luam, Rhapsody James, Ro Ro, Laurieann Gibson and artist like Chris Brown, Usher and Omarion just to name a few. If there was one saying Steven would go by would be "Don't Start Something and Don't Finish" patience and faith is all you need. Something his mother used to tell him.