Stanley Munoz

Born and raised in the border between Harlem and Washington Heights, Stanley Muñoz discovered his passion for dance at a very young age. He first began dancing socially, dancing Latin styles with his Dominican family and freestyling from the age of 5. His first performance was in high school, winning several talent shows and co-founding the Hip-Hop crew at his school in 2013. Always dreaming of pursuing a career in dance but without the means until he was much older, he began training with Piel Canela Latin Dance Company in his senior year of high school. After training with the company for a year, he enrolled in Brown University to continue his academic studies. Immediately entering the dance scene at his school and joining 3 dance companies, Stanley continued training in Hip-Hop, Street Jazz, Contemporary, Latin styles, and West African. He became a leader in the scene as both a dancer and choreographer, directing both the Latin and the Hip-Hop company. Stanley utilized this platform to explore issues of race and sexuality present on campus and in the country to push the art forward beyond simple movement.

After graduating Stanley began his professional training at Broadway Dance Center, having the opportunity to learn from Luam Keflezgy, Jared Jenkins, Keenan Cooks, David Thomas, Theresa Stone, and many other faculty members in a variety of styles. Stanley continues to train extensively and has since had the opportunity to work with several local artists in the New York music scene.  Tanisha Scott for Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts performance at the 60th Grammy awards. After spending a summer working under the mentorship of Rhapsody James through the Motivating Excellence program, Stanley continues to work towards his goals and looks forward to a bright future in the industry.