Seth Grier

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Seth Loren Grier a native from Pittsburgh, PA began his formal dance training when he was 8 years of age at the University of Pittsburgh Kuumba Workshop. He completed three years of African Dance training and performed in the “Black Nativity” play as a youth dancer. Which was also his first Job. Seth booked his first job by taking a west African class and the director Shona Sharif asked his mother if he would be interested in there upcoming performance. He then was accepted to Rogers Creative and Performing arts Middle School and studied ballet, modern and jazz for two years. In addition he attained the Lynn Swann Scholarship at Pittsburgh Ballet Theater and trained in ballet and jazz. He also had formal dance training and performances for four years with Xpressions Contemporary Dance Company founded by Norma J. Barnes. He then was accepted to Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts High School. In addition he studied at Point Park University under the pre-professional program and summer intensive. Seth is also passionate about music and loves to listen to all genres. “Good things take time” is his favorite saying. Seth would like to continue sharing his love of dance hoping to inspire others and remind them anything its possible.