Serena Petruzello

Serena Petruzello was born in Boston, MA. After proving her natural strength in chaine turns around the house, Serena began performing at the age of 3. Serena has trained at numerous studios including Boston Ballet, Marblehead School of Ballet, BoSoma Dance Company, and Jeannette Neill Dance Studio. Along with those studios, Serena had also gotten her training while part of local dance companies and hip-hop crews around Boston. Serena has also received training in acting at Hollywood East Talent, and training in singing from Jeffrey Prescott. Serena has just recently graduated from North Reading High School with honors. When she is not performing, Serena loves to act, sing, choreograph, design and create outfits, and cook. Serena got her first big job as a featured dancer in the Britney Spears Twister Dance Rave commercial. After auditioning with 500 other dancers, Serena was chosen as one of the sixteen featured dancers. Although there are a number of people who influence Serena’s career and artistic experience, the biggest person is Nancy O’Meara. Back in 2011, Serena met Nancy at a dance convention. Since then, Nancy has been a huge part of her life, helping and giving advice on major career decisions and choices, as well as helping with opportunities for future jobs. As Serena says, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”.