Qasim Ellis

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Qasim Ellis was born in Long Island, New York.  He became involved with Martial Arts at 3 years old and achieved his first black belt at the age of 5 which made him the youngest blackbelt in the United States at that time.  He also took part in many other sports such as basketball, football and track and field.  At age 20 Qasim picked up the hobby of roller skating.  After 3 years of skating he made his first appearance in Avicii’s music video "You Make Me".  About a year later he was featured in a performance with Mariah Carey on the Today Show which really jump started his career.  Outside of performing Qasim also enjoys playing football, traveling and hanging out with friends.  Qasim's friends and family are the driving force behind all he does and motivate him to always reach for new goals.  One of his favorite quotes/sayings is: "If you are persistent you will get it.  If you are consistent you will keep it.”