Norbert Reyes

Norbert Reyes was born in Newark, New Jersey.  He was a relatively late bloomer with dance, starting at the age of 17 in 2008 with a dance team called Fr3sh Juniors as part of the larger Fr3sh Dance Company LLC briefly seen on America’s Best Dance Crew. What was supposed to be just an audition with a friend for moral support, he did not realize how far such a favor would take him. The foundation of his training in choreography began in this small community in New Jersey and is a constant reminder of who he owes much of his development to. He has had the honor of growing and performing with the Fr3sh Juniors and Fr3sh dance company until it was disbanded in 2010. Norbert has also had the privilege of training and performing with other teams in the east coast hip hop dance competition circuit, including Project D and the Mooks. Participating with these groups has allowed him to train under the direction of talented choreographers and leaders in the New Jersey community as well as performing at competitions and showcases across the continent including San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and New York City.

Currently, Norbert is a professional dancer with BLOC Agency, a hip hop dance instructor for several studios in New Jersey and still an passionate member of the NJ and NYC dance community. He is also a Movement Lifestyle Tour Scholarship Award recipient and has been a nominee for the Monsters of Hip Hop Show Cast for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.  His credits include NBC's Saturday Night Live and working with choreographers such as Dana Foglia, Nico Beto O'Connor, Boyboi Tena, Ryan Davis,  Brian Nicholson, Neil Schwartz, Torey Nelson, and Victor Sho. He has worked with up and coming artists such as Justine Skye, O.C.A.D., Nuria Quinn, Jeremy Fernandez, and Karmella Daniel. His philosophy as a dancer is one and the same with his philosophy in life; that which he experiences in life he seeks to put into his dance and the experiences he has as a dancer is something he seeks to enrich his life with. He views his role as a student of life and dance first with the utmost priority- it is the driving force furthering his career and refining his craft as a dancer. He is a firm believer in spreading open-mindedness, learning, respecting, and truly appreciating all forms of dance as long as it is well-informed, with good intention, and genuine in nature. His goal as a dancer is to continue the never ending process of growth. He also seeks to make his presence felt by his audience as an empowering and inspiring force for dancers and non-dancers alike.  His life’s goal is to fulfill the first line of his favorite poem written by Chief Tecumseh  which says, “So live your life, that the fear of death my never enter your heart.”