Nina Soto

I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. At two years old, I started training at a competitive studio, New England Dance Centers. I performed there under the direction of Loree Cloud for 15 years, in styles including contemporary, jazz, and ballet. I also traveled on the weekends to numerous conventions. Half-way through my junior year of high school I began training in NYC, with Koin & Co Dancers, under the direction of Ali Koinoglou, as a member of their junior training program. With Koin & Co I was able to begin training in other styles such as; street jazz, hip hop, and musical theater. At 17, I graduated early so that I could move to New York full time. In the fall I continued training intensely, as well as performing, with Koin & Co Dancers, now as a member of their Junior Company. A few months later I completed the Professional Semester at Broadway Dance Center where I received additional training in street and commercial styles, as well as vocal technique and musical theater classes. Someone who has influenced my dancing immensely is one of my first dance teachers, Hayley Cloud. Seeing her dance when I was younger is what inspired me to dance professionally. She has always been a role model for me and is someone who I continue to look up to today.  Another person who made an impact on my dancing would be Ali Koinoglou, who mentored me for a year and gave me the knowledge and training I needed to start a successful career. A favorite saying of mine is; “there is no substitution for hard work.”