Niko Martinez

Niko Martinez was born and raised in a small town right outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He started his training at age 10 in all styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. Niko danced through high school at a local studio in his hometown before moving to New York and attending Pace University's Commercial Dance Program. At Pace, Niko has had the opportunity to work with New York based choreographers like Dee Caspary, Jess Hendricks, and Scott Jovovich, in addition to a semester in Los Angeles under the direction of Mandy Moore, Jennifer Hamilton, and Rhonda Miller. Outside of performing, he enjoys cooking, traveling, going to the movies, playing with his dogs, and going to the beach. The first "big" job Niko was fortunate enough to do was in high school when he had the chance to dance on The Ellen Show in a number directed by Mandy Moore. He would like to thank his first dance teachers, Erika Steele and Donna Coco, for sparking a love for dance that has helped shape the person he is today. He'd also like to include his mother and grandparents for celebrating and supporting him through all his endeavors.