Natalia Garcia

I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Spanish Harlem. During my elementary School years, I participated in a singing choir. My music teacher at the time recognized I had a talent to dance. I later discovered a dance team practicing in the auditorium of the school. I remember I would sneak out of tutoring to watch them practice, constantly having my attention called back to the tutoring room.  I began asking around about them, who where they? Then one day out of the blue my mom took me over to where they originally would rehearse and introduced me to the director of the company Violeta Galagarza. This was my first home to dance KR3T’S (keep rising To the Top). I was with KR3T’S for about 10 years. A lot of my training and versatility was created thru this company. Eventually I branched off and explored other horizons. A group called Project Valentine was in the making, and I was one of the original members to kick it off. I worked closely with the director of the company and was a part of many creative pieces. During this amazing journey I got pregnant, January of 2010, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. After I had my baby, my passion to make it in the industry amplified. I continue to follow my art, and in the process became a motivational leader, sharing my story with other young artist and encouraging them that no matter what you have going on in life your dreams  can still be a reality, you just have to get up and reach for it.

I’ve had many iconic influences who’ve helped me grow and develop my craft in many different ways. The knowledge and wisdom of these icons carry with me and helps me become the best version of myself. They teach me to constantly go for what I want. They show me what ambition really is. They show me this is what they love to do, and the tactics they used to completing these goals/accomplishments. Thru this journey, I will continue to stay focused, loyal to my work, and to myself. In the future, I see myself owning my craft and taking it to the next level for me and my family. Thru my passion I intend to spread my knowledge with many young aspiring dancers around the world.