Naomi Southwell

Naomi Southwell is a Brooklyn born tween with a love for the performing arts. Naomi began as a recreational dancer at 3 years old and by age 8 set her sights on pre-professional training and now   trains with the Alvin Ailey Junior Division. Naomi is a diverse learner who enjoys exploring all genres of dance from ballet all the way to forms such as krumping, waacking, and popping. Her biggest influencers are her teachers at Alvin Ailey, Matt Steffanina, Miles Keeney, Marc Royale, and Jona Biddle founder of The Jona Show who was the first choreographer she worked with professionally. Kenny Smith also holds a special place in her heart as the first dance teacher and choreographer who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Outside of dance Naomi is an animal lover who loves to read, collect stuffed animals, craft, hang out with friends and dream of her days at Timber Lake West, her home away from home. Naomi is also the co-founder of a new youth community group, Monica Skye Dance Initiative, that brings dance to those in need. Naomi’s witty nature and ability to learn quickly comes from the belief that trying new things is fun and that life is an adventure.