Miyabi Wright

So many questions and you're not here to answer.. love you uncle ray So due to issues with my passports, I wasn't able to comeback home because they wouldn't let me back in the country because of 撮影に参加してくれた皆、本当にありがとうございました‼︎ 昨日は暑い中お疲れ様でした🙏🏿🙏🏿 皆が集まって頑張ってくれたから、うちもダンスを教える事、振り付けやビデオ撮影のディレクターなど凄い勉強になりました‼︎ 昨日は凄くいい経験を皆んなでできてよかったー♥️✨お母さん達も暑い中、長い間色々と付き合ってくれたり手伝ってくれたりして感謝してます🙇🏿‍♀️🙇🏿‍♀️!! またNew Yorkに帰っていっぱいダンスの勉強してます帰ってくるからまた皆んなで踊ろ‼︎‼︎♥️ ビデオの編集が終わったらすぐ送るから楽しみにしといて✨ So I've been trying to teach my new dance fam @kr3ts this song in Japanese for the longest and they finally got it!! ✨ @francoth3artist @noahlot_gotit @violet_kr3ts @reynanunez._ this one is for you guys 💕😂👌🏿 These girls came throouugh tonight ♥️🙏🏿🙌🏿 There's so many girls out here that have no confidence because it's a huge part of their culture to stay as humble as can be and they often mistake confidence with cockiness. In my basic heels class last week, my main point was for them to look in the mirror and love what they see. It was a bit of a struggle but they did it and today they were some bad ass Mamma Jammas ✨👅 nothing too extra. Kept it as simple as possible with extra bad bitch juice 🍸 we all know who my favs are in heels 💁🏿 @dannip18 , @iamaishafrancis and @yanismarshall. The all mighty power puff girls in stilettos 👠 they keep me hungry at all times ✨ #simpleisbest #loveyourself #yallsomepoppinassbitches HOUSE was fuunnn ✨I couldn't get myself away from Afro beats 😅 could barely do my own routine but a class that struggles together fucks it up together 😂💪🏿🙌🏿 of course my biggest inspirations are my two dads @cebonxgn and @brooklynterryef , @toyinsogunro and the queen herself, aunts @marjorysmarth.forever ♥️ #livetruedancefree #nxgnnystudiosjapan #todaywastough #IKilledMyself Rain storms all day, and they just came from a loooong day at school during test season at that.. I know the struggle so chill vibes it is 👌🏿thank you guys so much for having me today ♥️ it was nothing but good vibes 🌌 #Hinase #Okayama #LikeItStudio #BeenObsessedWithThisBeatForever Get you a Miyabi 😏 #ButNotThisOne Another great day with Grammy 💕👵🏼 先週末のAfroとHip Hopに来てくれた皆、ありがとう‼︎ ♥️ 皆のエネルギー最高だったー✨ 今週の土曜日のHouse、日曜日のHeelsも来てな💪🏿 そして月曜日はプロのカメラマンに来て貰って、4つのWSを組み合わせてミュージックビデオを撮影します‼︎ 詳しい情報は、ネクストの受け付けか、ウェブサイトに載ってます!Miyabiのインスタのストーリーにも載っけておくので見て下さ〜い!! #nxgnnystudiosjapan #nxgnnystudios #booseography Omaricha 🌸 #fentyglow Temple date w. Grama + Poppin ass class = a poppin ass day ✨🔥😌 The old crew ✨✨ felt so great to dance with my friends again today ♥️ Thank you so much to everyone that came out to take my class!! Tonight was a blast 🔥 a quick shout out to some of my biggest inspirations when it comes to hip hop, @tweetboogie , @solundy , @francoth3artist , @noahlot_gotit and @chrybaby_cozie ✨so blessed to have amazing people as my friends and family 💕 Today's Afro class was a success ✨✨ I'm no pro when it comes to African styles but my goal on this trip is to bring home what I learned & inspired me in NYC back to Okayama. Just wanna send a shout out to some of my biggest inspirations when it comes to the Afro beats, @izzyodigie , @ambrose_tjark , @dj_tunez and @karajenelle 🙏🏿✨ #MegaFunToday #YesIFuckedUp #WhenDoINot 🤷🏿‍♀️😂 @ikumu.ish @nachomi69 @iammayorkun Bad bitch you keep getting badder ♥️✨
#BrooklynGyalInATokyoWorld 9月29日、20:00-21:30!! ベーシックヒールクラスまで後4日‼︎
準備できてるかー⁇ Fall in love with the process. •
📸: @ke_tag 💥 岡山、準備できる⁇ You dip, He dip, She dip ✨🦄 #FuckitupFriday #kr3ts @violet_kr3ts @reynanunez._

I was born in a family of dancers, and started tapping at the age of 3.
When I was 7 I moved to Japan with my family and started training in street dances such as 
Hip Hop, House, Waacking, and Voguing at my parent's dance studio in Okayama, Japan. 
I decided to take a huge step and take my dance career more seriously when I was 14. I left my family in Japan and moved back to New York on my own to live with my grandmother and study dance in high school. I attended the Brooklyn School for Music and Theatre as a dance major, while also studying dance at Broadway Dance Center and Peri Dance Center. After graduating high school, I've done print work with Fresh Empire's "tobacco free" campaign, MTV VMA's ORBIT commercial, and the Nickelodeon HALO Awards 2016.