Michelle Lau

Born in Honolulu Hawaii, Michelle Lau (19) started performing toddler's ballet in Hong Kong at the age of three years old, at the Jean M. Wong School of Ballet for over 15 years in total. She also emerged herself in 10 years of professional Synchronized Swimming of the Hong Kong National Team. Outside of performing, she enjoys reading horror, mystery, plays, and poetry, meanwhile also finding a balance in writing, horseback riding, and going to museums (that are free). Her artistic experience was wildly influenced by her supportive life-long friend, her aunt E-ma, where she would be exposed to the wonders of performing. Through her, Michelle was able to also discover herself as an artist, thinking about the political and social setting of her dance pieces. Currently going to the New York University, she has been able to dive into different categories of the performing arts that she thought she feared - in foreign dances, philosophy, forensic anthropology, renaissance art history, Asian Theatre, and more. She takes inspiration from the quote "I delight in what I fear" by Shirley Jackson, an insight of what she can accomplish when fear is overpowered.