Melissa Maricich

Melissa grew up in view of Mt. Rainier in a town called Maple Valley, near Seattle Washington. She is the 6th of 9 children and spent most of her childhood colliding with her six brothers while practicing grand jete’s down the hallway. She went en pointe at 9 years of age, but after years of training left to begin ballroom dancing, in which she became a two-time national champion. It was at this time that her voice “kicked-in”, which led to roles in musical theatre and her professional debut at 5th Avenue Theatre.

When not working she is reading something generally akin to a work of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens or G.K. Chesterton and is often plotting landscape additions to her family’s flower-garden.

Beyond seeking to continually grow in her craft as a performer, Melissa aims to eventually create and produce new works and films. There are so many beautiful stories that need to be told and she wants to have a hand in telling them.

“The human person is a good towards which the only proper attitude is love” – JPII