Melanie Aguirre

“Passion, dedication, expression, & influence are the foundational elements of any form of art”; according to the creative mind of Melanie Aguirre. With every artistic creation, comes the inception of expression. With devotion and humility, Melanie Aguirre aims to bring her creativity and experience to the artistic world of dance, film, & music.  Born and raised in New York City, Melanie has been exposed to rhythm and culture since the age of 2, beginning with Salsa and the Hustle taught by her parents, also dancers. In a world of constant change, Melanie willingly embraced her talents and pursued her passion diligently. By the time she reached 18, Melanie Aguirre had earned a position on a Disney tour and a MTV show called “Say What Karaoke”, formally launching her career in the entertainment world.  Before May of 2006, she was featured in three magazines including twice in Cosmo Girl for the Body & Soul articles and Dance spirit. Melanie was a member of the House of Ninja, she is still an active member of Dance Soul Co and an All Style company of her own Rep Your Style.

Melanie has held many influential roles such as being assistant choreographer to well known artist Keisha Cole.  She has also held the title of choreographer with several broadcast networks such as Univision & MTV, Shaggy and a featured role on the new ABC series “The Unusual”. She was hired for Super Star celebrity Usher to privately Belly Dance as a Birthday gift, which lead to a feature in his Lil freak Video. Most recently she performed on NBC as principal performer for Pitbull, Neyo, T-Pain and Marc Anthony. Melanie has an online reality show on www.creativecontrol.tv.  With every new accomplishment come new heights and goals for Melanie Aguirre. For more information visit www.melanieaguirre.com. As theorist Charles H. Cooley stated, “An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one”.