Mathieu Forget

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Mathieu Forget was born on October 31, 1989 in Paris, France and was raised in both Switzerland and France. Since a young child Mathieu has had a love for the arts, notably dance, music and drawing. His intense passion for, and extensive participation in, both sports and the arts gave Mathieu an interesting perspective on how these two fields relate and what it takes to succeed in them. He applied these two passions by joining the New Style Dance Crew in Geneva, while in High School. His first big performance opportunity was to dance at the Geneva Arena Palexpo Arena in 2007 for the opening of Yannick Noah's concert in front on 7’000 people. Since that day, Mathieu knew he’d want to perform…

  Mathieu always dreamed of moving to the US so after high school, he sought to seek higher education in America. In preparation, Mathieu dedicated one year to improving his English proficiency, tennis skills, acting and dance abilities and applied to University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) where he was accepted and granted a scholarship through tennis. He played for 4 years at a NCAA Division 1 level and studied music, piano, ballet and modern dance, acting, drawing while getting himself involved in many on campus dance productions, plays and student films. 

 After his college experience, Mathieu moved to Los Angeles to train as a dancer and actor for one year. During this time he took dance classes at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Millennium Dance Complex, Edge Pac and studied acting with teachers such as Anthony Meindl, Carolyne Barry, Donovan Scott, Dona Morong & Brian Reise. He got the opportunity to audition for numerous artists such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, X-Factor & more… Mathieu was also part of numerous short films, music videos & web series that were nominated in festivals or went viral online.

 Mathieu then moved back to Paris to continue his training and expand his artistic horizons. He was, once again, able to perform in front of thousands of people, appeared on national TV and got to work with brands such as Jawbone, McDonald’s, Castorama, Lacoste as well as directors and choreographers such as Hakim Ghorab, Nicolas Huchard, Yvan Attal, David Dang & more…

 Some of his best memories as an artist are when he got to work with the prestigious choreographer Dave Scott, DJ Bob Sinclar, King Chip, Magic System, the band Savages and appeared on the famous red sofa of Vivement Dimanche with Michel Drucker…

Favorite saying: “La vie est une oeuvre d’art” by Clemenceau (Life is a work of art)