Maria Malmstrom

Born and raised in Sweden, Maria has been dancing and performing since the age of six. While studying musical theatre in high school she discovered hip hop and street jazz at The Hip Drop Dance Complex and was instantly intrigued. Her passion for dance took her to Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School and later to London where she pursued her training at Pineapple Dance Studios. Her decision to come to New York to study at Broadway Dance Center further ignited her passion to stay and work in the dance industry. She’s trained diligently in many styles including jazz, hip hop, contemporary, waacking, voguing and house and continues to expand her vocabulary and develop her craft. Studying with Benny and Javier Ninja, Maria has since 2012 been a proud member of The Legendary House of Ninja and has entered balls and competitions both internationally and in New York City. 
After returning from New York to Sweden Maria booked her first tour in Denmark and had the privilege of continuously working closely with choreographer Toniah Pedersen who since then has been one of the most positive influences in her career alongside teachers and mentors like Cecilia Marta, Luam, Rhapsody, Lajon Dantzler and Jermaine Browne to name a few. Recently Maria had the great pleasure of joining the creative team of Cirque du Soleil for their event in New York City.
Every opportunity to perform is a chance to express her self and she is grateful to do what she loves. Maria continues to learn, grow, develop and create new movement by constantly meeting and working with inspiring individuals, teachers, mentors, choreographers and colleagues. Outside of dance Maria nurtures her mind and soul through art, music and nature, she loves to travel and experience new cultures and people.
“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.”
  - Deepak Chopra