Mandie Black

"Love is a Spirit all compact of Fire" William Shakespeare.

To always have a sense of knowing what you want to do in life is truly lucky. This is how Amanda feels of her love for theatre, the arts and story telling.
The British artist booked her very first professional job as a fairy in a UK company's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" aged 8 years old.

After training under a scholarship at Performers College (England) Amanda embraced working life from her home in London with a wide spectrum of jobs from touring in a straight comedy, to kicking her legs as a classic showgirl.

New York was only every supposed to be three months of training at Broadway Dance Centre. However, within a month of being here the energy and compassion of the performing community had her hooked. Surely enough, not long later she booked her first contract as ensemble in a production of, "Crazy For You."

The hard work never stops and the people who have mentored Amanda over the years know that better than anyone: her Mum and Dad, Sarah Branston, Jodie Clark, James Kinney and today her loving boyfriend Michael. When she is not in "work mode" Amanda takes joy in swinging on the monkey rings in Riverside Park, watching new film documentaries and exploring new foodie hotspots. The beauty of being in New York means there is always something to inspire you.

She is curious and eager to discover the ways that- every day, she can contribute to the art of performance.