Khadija Griffith

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Khadija Griffith started to perform after being enamored by the marvelous costumes in a children’s dance recital. Griffith moved to the U.S. to attend college, where she trained in/began to explore other dance forms, graduating with Honors in Dance from Connecticut College. Shortly after college, Griffith booked her first job, as a cast member in the internationally acclaimed off-Broadway show Fuerza Bruta. “I had no previous harness training and wasn’t even sure if I could manage working at such heights!” Allowing her courage to overcome her fears, she was able to aquire a multitude of new skills on the job, including drumming and water work. Griffith was recently featured/was cast on NBC’s The Wiz LIVE!, which was a life changing experience for her. In this production, the Broadway and commercial worlds partnered up to create an impressive live-televised show in which her various roles included singing, dancing, aerial work, and a speaking role in the Land of the Munchkins. Other areas of interest include fashion and clothing design, where Griffith makes her own accessories creations. Many thanks and much love to her wonderful and supportive family. Standout thank you’s to impeccable trainers and dear friends: David Dorfman, Tamara Levinson, and Jason McDole. “With a multifaceted lifestyle, my sources of inspiration are always changing. I adjust my favorite saying to what I’m experiencing at the moment, but I find that I often tell myself what I would hear our handy-man say as a child,

 ‘“Ain’t Nothing to it, but to do it.’” Thanks, Mario.”