Kenichi Kasamatsu

My name is Kenichi Kasamatsu and I am a mix of Japanese and Malaysian. I was born in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, but moved to Bangkok, Thailand when I was five years old due to my father’s job. I took my first dance class (Hip Hop) when I was 12 and since then I’ve constantly been drawn to dance activities such as my school’s talent shows.

I graduated from the International Community School in 2010, and only then did I really start pursuing a life in dance. Following my graduation, I took one whole year to build a small dance studio with my mum: Studio Zoom.

With the connections we had made over the past years by my annual visits to Japan, and my career as a former artist in Thailand, we started creating a home for aspiring dancers. Since then, my training consisted of the best dancers in Thailand whether it was Hip-Hop or Contemporary, and a visit I made to the states for the first time in 2012 which included taking classes at Broadway Dance Center New York, Debbie Reynolds, Millennium Dance Complex LA, and a weekend intensive at the Movement Lifestyle Tour D.C.

My first job that I would consider big would be co-choreographing, with Neil Schwartz, a dance segment for Sephora’s launch of Pharrell’s “Girl” fragrance. I have been dancing for Neil a lot up until then for the past year and half so I was really honored when he gave me the opportunity to co-choreography for such a big event.

With that said, Neil Schwartz has been a big influence in my dance life since I moved to New York, not only as an instructor, but also as a mentor and a friend. I have also received a substantial amount of growth from classes taught by Jared Jenkins, Luam, Carlos Neto, Ryan Davis, Mishay Petronelli, and Aurelia Michael, many of whom I have had the opportunity to work for outside of class.

Other than dancing, I love playing sports: my favorite being tennis, table tennis, and soccer. I also have a big interest in technology, mainly cellphones.

I would love to leave a personal saying that has been with me ever since my passion for dance has put on this path: Everyone has the freedom to live, and I live for the freedom to dance.