Joshua Dela Cruz

hair. @trensaun in Washington Heights, Summer. Spending this gorgeous day indoors and I'm NOT mad about it! #nerdingout Family trip to la isla del fuego!  #dayoff Coy White in Washington Heights, December. The #boss @rachelestabrook on hair and make-up @nikkilong_ in Washington Heights, July. Ollie didnt think it was a good idea to walk this morning... he was right. #rainyday #ollietheastronaut A note from the boss!  Thanks @tellyleung !!! You're the man :0) #readysetgo @trensaun in Washington Heights, Summer. #truth How dare she!!! #rude lol Its all going very well. #independenceday Happy Independence Day! #bethanybeach Dangit TJ's, i thought my Korea Calories were behind me.  Why are you so good #honeybutterchips ?! #hateitorloveit #imwithhoneybutterchips You win @netflix , you win again. The family's back together and can you believe it, #ollie is Two now! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 A few things: travel to Korea, keep going till you get to #Jeju , stay at @playce hotel,  eat at ALL the restaurants there, ESPECIALLY @arepa_grill .  Love yourself and Do it all. 1st performance in the can!  Team #SunisAwesome on the way to the party!  #microdustisreal #singinyourmask Happy father's day dad! Ollie and Lolo hangin' out.  Love you!