Jose Mitaynes

Wepa, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico with an artistic family that sang, danced, and music was just part of my upbringing. Moved to Rochester NY as a young adult. In high school my Guidance Counselor got me a scholarship for “Garth Fagan” Dance Company. Where I learned my Technique. It was very Balletic Rigor. African and Caribbean dance. In the midst of that I joined a Folkloric Dance company called “ Borinquén Dance Comp. “ there i learned techniques of Bomba/Plena/Afro-Cuban. Moved to NYC where I met Anthony Rodríguez where I learned House/Vogue/Oldway/New Way and Maria Ramos where I got all my Salsa/Bachata/merengue/ training. David Thomas trained me in Hip Hop. Outside of performing I love to work out, gym life is life !. I work with kids and teach the new generation to be uplifted and teach them all my knowledge. My first big gig was with Jidenna “ Knickers” music video. Was asked to help and choreograph with tricks and lifts for the partner work. I was spotted at Carnival dancing with Natalia when I was approach for the opportunity. Ppl that have influenced me have been Anthony Rodríguez and Maria Ramos and Emmanuel Hernández and My Mom. They have pushed me to be the artist that I’am today. My favorite saying that I always say at all times will be “ Figure it Out” and “ Wepa “.