Joomin Hwang

Joomin was born and raised in South Korea and has been dancing since he was 12 years old.  He used to dance with the world famous break dance group Gamblers Crew.  He "accidentally" fell in love with musical theater in London where he performed a dance show BREAK OUT in Westend.  He watched Billy Elliot the musical and it was the most magical experience in his entire life.  Musical Theater completely changed Joomin's dream.  Before he finished his music degree at the University of Wisconsin, he studied acting from the well-known Korean film actor Chang-Seok Ko. 
After he moved to New York in 2015, he played the lead role TOSHI in a featured comedy film SUSHI TUSHI directed by Ziad H.Hamzeh.  He played the role of TIMMY X in the Off-Broadway show KPOP and he will be in the upcoming Broadway show The Prom.  Living in New York and doing what he loves to do is an unbelievably sweet dream for Joomin.