Jill Barger

I was born in Jackson, Tennessee and grew up in the small town of Lexington.  I started taking dance at the age of 3 but didn’t really fall in love with dance until I was ten years old and a new studio, 1852 Dance, opened up in town. That year I added a jazz and hip hop class to my schedule and really started to discover my passion for dance.  As a charter member of the studio’s Company, I started my solo career and also competed in a number of group dances and duets.   I competed all the way through my senior year of high school wining a number of first place overall trophies at Starpower, Nextstar and Beyond the Stars.  My high school also had a competitive dance team which I was a member of for 3 years including 1 year as captain.  To supplement my dance training, I attended a number of regional and national dance conventions such as Artists Simply Human, Two Days in OC, Dancemakers and Nuvo where I was able to work with some outstanding choreographers in the dance world.  I was also fortunate to be able to attend the Joffrey Jazz and Contemporary Intensive in Los Angeles and New York City working with Mandy Moore, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and many other industry greats.  Outside of dance I enjoy working out and physical fitness.  I am currently pursuing my personal trainer’s license and working for Crunch Fitness.  I landed my first big job a month and a half after graduating high school.  I planned to move to New York after graduation and attend the Broadway Dance Center training program.  After reading an article about the Brooklynettes in a Dance Spirit magazine, I decided I would attend an audition and get the valuable experience of going through that type of audition.  The Brooklynettes edgy style suited my style very well so I knew I would be a good fit for the team one day but never dreamed I would have the opportunity as an 18 year old.  After four days of intense auditions and cuts, I made the team!  It was a dream come true and the best experience I have ever had.  I recently made the team for a second season and I am so excited to experience the season as a veteran dancer.  Early on in my dance career while attending a competition in Nashville, Tennessee I saw a young dancer named Denah Gregory competing.  She was mesmerizing to watch and a true artist expressing her emotions through dance.  I was able to meet her later on and saw her numerous times at conventions and competitions.  She was humble and kind and great influence on me as a dancer.  My favorite saying is, People over estimate what they can do in a day and under estimate what they can do in a lifetime.