Jeff Manosca

Jeff Manosca is a choreographer and dancer currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. He has obtained his Bachelors/Masters of Engineering at Villanova University, but dance has always been a passion. Starting out self-taught in breakdance and choreography with a dance crew, he then continued to train in hip hop at various studios in the NY/NJ/PA areas. He is currently teaching at numerous locations for dance teams, competition teams, and guest workshops. Jeff has also had the opportunity to travel across the U.S. to teach studios to benefit and donate to charities. As a setup assistant, Monsters of Hip Hop has been a huge inspiration in his training under their faculty as well.
Credits include:
Co-choreographer and dancer for the Freestyle Music U.S. tour concerts for Jade Starling of Pretty Poison.
Co-choreographer for dance crews - Point Blank, Fr3sh, and Clutch Collective - that showcased and competed in various dance circuits: World of Dance, Prelude, Hip Hop Internationals.
Trained under talented choreographers:
Dave Scott, Eddie Morales, Sakinah LeStage, Kenya Clay, Laurieann Gibson, Sheryl Murakami, Luther Brown, Lyle Beniga, Tabitha and Napoleon D’ump (Nappytabs), Laura Edwards, Rhapsody, Chonique Sneed, Luam Keflezgy, Nick Demoura, Jaquel Knight, Kevin Maher, Marty Kudelka, Kyle Hanagami.