Javon "Amountboy J.B." Brewster

Javon Brewster was born in Brooklyn New York in 1982 the year when music and dance would culturally change forever. As a toddler his Grandmother would play Elvis records and would find him dancing all the time. Some time later at the age of 9 he was discovered in his public school and trained by one of his mentors still to this day Jacques d’Amboise founder of National Dance Institute and Ellen Weinstein the Creative Director. It was these humble beginnings where his love for dance and performing began.

In the first few weeks his passion and dedication was seen early and he was chosen to be the soloist for his schools’ piece in N.D.I.’s event of the year and was placed in their scholarship program where he would meet his life long friend and fellow Brooklynite Anthony Rue II. As they trained together in all forms of technical dance there was a mutual admiration for The Jackson Five, James Brown and other influential artist inspired them to make their own dance group together “The Amountboyz”.

By 1996 having already performed for the President Bill Clinton at the Kennedy Center Honors, U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali for the 50thanniversary in Geneva Javon auditioned and was accepted in LaGuardia School of Performing Arts. This was a dream come true especially growing up in the era of the cult classic film “FAME”. For the next four years he learned the Martha Graham technique and continued ballet while still continuing a weekly schedule with N.D.I. and Amountboyz rehearsals and performances.

In his sophomore and Jr. year he and the Boyz were already teaching at Broadway Dance Center and would go to time square and the train stations on the weekends and perform dance routines and freestyle for money. On some of those days out he would meet people of influence who wanted to work with him like MTV producers Paul LeBlanc, Jimmy Levine and Choreographer to the Stars Laurie Ann Gibson and Eddie Morales were he booked his first gigs dancing for Bad Boy Rec., RCA Music Group and JIVE Records. These life changing opportunities led to performing all over the world with more great and influential artist, dancers and choreographers. The most important thing for him was sharing his love and knowledge for dance with others. 

Outside of Performing and teaching dance he has heavy interest in professional wrestling, cooking, Pokémon go and video games, photography, art, rock music (mostly all music) and Sasquatch. 

Whilst there are so many people that have influenced his career, taste and style the ones that stand out the most besides those mentioned earlier would also include the late David Bowie, Prince, Raymond “Voodoo Ray” Ultarte, Robert Townsend, The Wayans Family and Mop Top Crew.

With all that being said he still feels there is so much to be done in the dance community and his one of his missions is to “MAKE DANCE GREAT AGAIN”