Inyoung "Dassy" Lee

Inyoung ‘Dassy’ Lee was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. At the age of 12, She started dancing in her school program in Guro Junior High School.
She has explored the dance styles of Popping, Locking, Hiphop, Waacking and took 1st places in many dance competitions in South Korea. At the age of 21, She moved to New York to pursue a professional dance career in the USA.

Since she moved to the USA, She has been training various styles such as Commercial Jazz&hiphop, Contemporary, Heels, West African dance in Broadway dance center, Peri dance and Cumbe dance. Her unique popping style which makes her more unique as a female dancer led her to performing in ‘Jonzi D’s Block Party’ and the Breakin Convention, both took place at the world famous APOLLO Theater. She featured as a main dancer in Fitbit international commercial as well as Timberland Sensor flex commercial. Recently She was chosen to be one of the top 10 dancers on the season 14 of FOX’s hit show, So You Think You Can Dance.

Throughout her career she has worked for many known choreographers in the industry such as, Mandy Moore, Wade Robson, Christopher Scott, Popin Pete, Mia Michael, Hi Hat and Luther Brown. Her passion for choreographing also shined in Carnival LA. She co choreographed with her crew member Marie and Lily and the performance video went over 30 Million views. She has taught at Millennium Dance Complex LA, Debbie Raynolds, Broadway Dance Center New York, EXPG New York, Dartmouth college, Flying Steps Academy in Berlin Germany, Creative motion dance studio in Vancouver and so more. When she is not performing, She is either perfecting her dance or sharing her love of dance with students around the world.