Inyoung "Dassy" Lee

Inyoung ‘Dassy’ Lee was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.
At the age of 12, She started dancing in her school program in Guro Junior High School. She has explored the dance styles of Popping, Locking, Hiphop, Waacking and House in South Korea.

At the age of 21, She moved to New York to perform and challenge herself as a dancer. She has been training in various styles such as Commercial Jazz, Hip hop, Contemporary, Heels, and West African at Broadway Dance Center, Peri dance and Cumbe dance. Recently she had booked her first big job as a main dancer for Fitbit commercial.

She's performed at Carnival in pieces choreographed by Emilio Austin jr ‘Buddha Stretch’ and Angel Feliciano. She also performed in ‘Jonzi D’s Block Party’ and the Breakin Convention, both took place at the world famous APOLLO Theater.

Dassy won 1st place at the Ladies of Hiphop 1 on 1 all style competition in New York, Floor the Love competition in Locking and Popping in Singapore,  2nd place at the Last One Stands in Vancouver, Canada and so many more.

She has taught at Broadway Dance Center New York, EXPG New York, Dartmouth college, Creative motion dance studio in Vancouver and so more. When she is not performing around the world, She is either perfecting her dance or sharing her love of dance with students around the world.