Gianna Delgadillo

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This really made my day ☺️ #thestooges #legend #punkicon Life's better when you have a twin 👬 @rdelgvdii #brothers #frokids #delgadillos What a pleasure it was dancing with these lovely ladies and performing the choreography from this beautiful soul @shirlenequigley ❤. YouTube: End of Time | Beyoncé Merry Christmas 🎄 #delgadillos #siblinglove #bestfriends #christmas with these pretty ladies ✨🎉 #blocanniversary #dancers Following your dreams is one of the scariest things you can do especially when you give up everything to chase after it. There will be many no's, many set backs, many days when you just feel like giving up but days like today remind me why giving up is never an option. Days like today remind me why this was all worth it. Today was a really great day. I am officially signed to @blocnyc ☺️ #justthebeginning #dreambig Black Friday Sale! 
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Gianna Delgadillo is a New York City based dancer who was fortunate enough to know at a very young age that dance was the path she wanted to pursue. Growing up, Gianna was heavily into the arts, whether it was drawing, singing, or dancing, from an early age it was obvious that she would excel in all that was creative. While in middle school, she attended Bronx Dance Theatre, where she did ballet. Being that Gianna is one of four children, as time went on, her parents could no longer afford her training in dance. However, that one semester in Bronx Dance Theatre is all it took for her to realize that dance was her calling. She would practice and train any chance she could, by memorizing the choreography in her favorite music videos and movies. When Gianna was in high school and was able to work, she spent three summers working at Summer Youth Employment Programs to save money to return to Bronx Dance Theatre. She was then able to train in hip hop and belly dancing aside from her former training in ballet.

After graduating high school, Gianna attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she received her B.A.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development. She was recruited by the global retail company Uniqlo as a stylist and eventually worked her way up to becoming their Global Corporate Stylist, while still trying to take dance classes on the side in different studios around the city. During her career at Uniqlo, she was not able to practice dance as often as she had before, due to the requirements of such a demanding position. In August of 2015, Gianna made the decision to leave Uniqlo and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a dancer. However, with the help of her retail experience and her love for fashion, this led her to launch her own independent fashion line called IV PUNK. It is inspired by the rebellious punk era of the 60's, her three siblings, dance, and the outward bold statements of today's fashion. Gianna continues to incorporate movement and creative energy to every aspect of her promising career. She currently trains in all styles of dance while making hip hop her niche. Her growth is led by the promise to inspire others to always follow their dreams as living proof that despite all, it is never too late.