Esosa Oviasu

Esosa was first introduced to Urban Choreography during his studies at Columbia University through New York's Raw Elementz Dance Troupe. Since then, he has trained under teachers such as Carlos Neto, Luam Keflezgy, Candace Brown, and taken various workshops of diverse disciplines throughout the New York area.

It was in 2014, when Esosa began building a working relationship with choreographer Derek Mitchell through his high-profile New York City flashmobs for clients such as media companies, newly wedded couples, and the NBA.  It was Derek Mitchell’s strict sense of professionalism that helped mold Esosa’s  perception of punctuality and etiquette.

Now, as a choreographer, teacher, and dancer, Esosa is currently the Creative Director of his two dance companies, The Neighbors and EPIC Motion Dance Company.  Under the team mantra “Work to Achieve” he continue to broaden his dance vocabulary as well as his range of style.