Devin Richey

Devin Richey was born in Michigan and hails from the small town of Milford – growing up amongst the trees, lakes, snow, and potholes. As a kid he accidentally discovered his love for dance after being lovingly conned into taking an all boys’ hip hop class. Today, Devin is a Brooklyn based choreographer, performer, educator, director, and musician having earned a BFA in Commercial Dance from Pace University, with dual concentrations in Choreography and Pedagogy.

As a freshman at Pace he booked his first gig – a feature film – and continued working freelance on commercial gigs, company work, regional theatre, and dance on film. Devin has danced for such names and organizations as Andy Blankenbuehler, Steven Hoggett, Al Blackstone, Kathryn Doby, Dee Caspary, Luam, Chloe Arnold, Karla Garcia, Lisa Eaton, and Yasmine Lee; for Spiegelworld, RWS Entertainment, at NYWF, for the Robin Hood Foundation, and at the UN as a member of LLMoves. Other performance credits include: Cats,and Anything Goes(regional); Ludo’s Broken Bride(NYMF); immersive-interactive shows Saudade (Journey Lab), and We Are Here (NY Workshop) – a closely-cherished experienced. Most recently, Devin was given the opportunity to perform at Burning Man as a member of the Falzone Family Circus – a dream come true.

Performing has a sweet spot in Devin’s heart, but his truest passion lies in creating stories through movement. His work focuses on storytelling through a fusion of physical theatre and foundational techniques; combining various dance styles, human gesture, emotional narrative, and precise musicality to capture the audience. His choreography has been seen in both the commercial and concert worlds; on stage, film, and in immersive and interactive projects. Alongside dance and choreography, he has also directed and produced in film, showcases, and events; as well as founding Human’s Playground in 2015 – an immersive, multidisciplinary art party dedicated to fostering passion projects with a focus on dance performances.

He has boundless gratitude for all the moments and people that have shaped his life, and is exceptionally thankful for Kat Wildish, Jess Hendricks, Alexandra Damiani, Lauren Gaul, Scott Jovovich, and Steven Hoggett. And of course, Rhonda Miller. Their nuggets of transformative love have changed the way that he looks at himself, at dance, and at the world around him. 

Currently, Devin is performing freelance in both commercial and concert projects, educating throughout the Tri-State area, and creating original work for studios, festivals, showcases, and on camera. He is taking the NASM Certified Personal Trainer Course – specializing in Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition – and is further developing Human’s Playground into an eventual non-profit organization. In his free time he likes to create improv dance videos, get lost while hiking mountains, dive into virtual (or tabletop) worlds on a quest, jam with friends on the drums, attend music festivals and concerts, and spend time with his pet hamster, Tofu. 

“Presence is the light through the labyrinth to find your Self, and owning the resolve to evolve is to defy gravity. Release, trust, give, love, and be.”