Darryl Guerrier

Born and Raised in Uniondale of Long Island, Darryl Guerrier also known as “Darryl.G” is a professional dancer, entrepreneur and stylist with a drive to bridge the gap between fashion and dance. Growing up in Caribbean household, Darryl, has always been influenced by music and dance. It was talent that he picked up naturally from watching his family dance at parties. As he got older, many of the artists such the greats like Michael Jackson to more recent like Usher and Chris Brown was and still is a great influence Darryl’s style of dance. While attending St. Francis Prep High School, Darryl went on to win many talent shows and competitions by displaying his freestyle capabilities. After graduating high school, Darryl went on to study and train at Broadway Dance Center with various instructors. Through networking and building a fashion infused brand which helped set him apart from a lot dancers in the industry, Darryl was able to land opportunities to work with Roc-a-Wear, Adidas, and The Dollhouse just to name a few. 
Darryl plans on fusing the fashion and dance industry by combining his love for fashion/ styling and the arts. In doing so, creating more opportunities for himself and his peers.