Cassandra Toussaint

My family is from Dominica but I was born and raised in the Bronx. I started performing at the age of 8 with my grandmother who is heavily influenced by the arts. She would have my cousin and I training and performing all across NYC churches by the age of 9. I am a self-taught hip hop dancer that started training at Broadway Dance Center further into my career.

My biggest interest outside of performing is spending time with my son. I also have a passion for makeup artistry, skincare and FASHION. I LOVE to get cute.

I booked my first big job by chance. Another dancer who already had the job received another job and Called me the night before the performance to fly to North Carolina the next morning. I had to learn 5 song with full choreography in 5 hours(stress!).

I am strongly influenced by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Aaliyah. My goal as a dancer was to perform with all of these artists. More closely, I am inspired by Tweet Boogie and Jessica Castro. Not only are they vets but they are still booked, amazing dancers who are flourishing all while catering to motherhood. I always say if you are passionate about something, let it lead you and keep going. No Matter What.