Carlos Franquiz

Quick lil pic ! Time and practice is key to success! πŸ‘πŸ‘ @kidchoreo @njd_entertainment New school year new experiences! πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 Love to live ! ☺️☺️#clos Extend your variety of music as a dancer! ☝️change your style and try something new! #clos Some clips from @movenyc after party after final show! πŸ“Έ: @rae._.jose @joey_hodge__ #clos Gotta say it was a great three weeks and I loved meeting all of the people I met in these three weeks!But now it's time to prep for the next few steps in my life! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’―#clos Just to show some appreciation to my country! #colombia I just wanna thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes I apologize that I wasn't able to respond to all of them! Just had a great day of work and realization becoming 16 my greatest present was to finally open my eyes and start making my path for the future! And I just wanna thank every single person who has worked with me no matter who you are for being the people who helped me shape who I am today within 16 years! Much love to everyone! 😊😊❀️ Hey today's my birthday! Man who would've thought lol! I love documenting a lot of choreography that I learn and enjoy! This choreo is a really feel good kind of choreo which a big reason I enjoyed it! Thank you for an awesome class. I know I'm posting a thank you a bit late but thank you @kellypetersnyc ! #clos So far I have had three awesome days that I have been able to work next to some great dancers and work with great teachers and mentors! It's overall a great experience already and I've learned already so much just in three days that changed how I dance and how I think! @movenyc I don't usually post videos with explicit language but I just enjoyed this choreo so much that I had to do it one more time and show you guys my recovery from my surgery! Finally recovered and ready to get working! This amazing choreo was from one of my fav choreographers @hannnnahjane can't wait to take more class with her at BDC! #clos #allboyscandance #weakness #strengths #tap #tapping #clos Just some quick foot work! #clos Work on your weaknesses the way you work on your strengths.

#tap #taplife #tapdancer #dancelife #clos #tapping #tapdance #practice #weakness #strengths #allboyscandance #tap #tapping Working with young boys is a great experience for me! A lot of these young boys need a little bit of inspiration from another male dancer and that can take them a long way! As you may know being a male dancer in the world isn't the easiest because of various amounts of stereotypes! So it's hard for a younger boy to want to do something when his other friends are telling him otherwise! As I said it takes one male dancer to inspire a young male dancer to continue dancing! #allboyscandance #clos #Repost @kidchoreo with @repostapp
Just some light cooking. @clos5678 
#mrkid #both #dancers #dancelife #dancestudio #drake #choreography #hiphop #clos Just a little something to post! Take Flight and Inspire! #clos Hip Hop is a Culture not a Trend!
To be a Hip Hop teacher you have to know where it started and how it started! Even being a Hip Hop dancer should require this! Ask an older family member what they think Hip Hop is they may be able to tell you! #clos

Carlos was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and at the age of seven he started dancing hip hop at a local dance studio. At the age of nine Carlos decided he wanted to dance for a living.  He then began training in various styles of dance ranging from ballet, tap, contemporary, lyrical, and ball room in Brooklyn. He was the lead child role in "Rocket Man" The Film.  Currently he attends the Ft. Hamilton HS/Joffrey Dance Program.  Continuing his training he also has attended the Joffrey Ballet School, The Paul Taylor Dance Company, received scholarships at The French Academie of Ballet, Broadway Dance Center and was one of twenty dancers selected to participate in the NYU/Tisch Future Dancers & Dancemakers program. He has danced as a soloist and ensemble in great venues such as Alvin Ailey Theater, Symphony Space, Manhattan Arts Center, Barclay Center, US Open, Arthur Ashe Kids Day Main Stage and various others.  He has appeared on television shows, such as Good Morning America and ESPN, appearing in music videos and working as an assistant choreographer. He has also performed the role of Fritz and the Nutcracker Prince in various Nutcracker performances throughout NY, and also performed at the Brooklyn Dance Festival, Young Choreographers Festival and more. Carlos is the Founder of All Boys Can Dance, an organization encouraging young males in dance through mentoring and workshops in the NYC area.  Carlos has been highly influenced by Michael Jackson, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev, and Fernando Bujones.  Outside of dance he continues to enjoy sports such as basketball and baseball.  When not training or performing in dance he loves spending time with his family and playing with his two young nephews.