Brandon Von Ohlen

Brandon Von Ohlen was born on Long Island, New York but grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was inspired to begin his dancing career at the age of 5 after watching Gene Kelly perform in Singing In The Rain. He trained and competed in hip hop, tap, ballet, and contemporary for 16 years and subsequently began choreographing hip hop dances for studios regionally. After graduating from Harding University, Brandon moved back to New York to pursue his love of dance. He is currently training at Broadway Dance Center under the direction of Kelly Peters, Neil Schwartz and many other talented choreographers. Other than his love of dance, Brandon enjoys spending time with family, watching baseball, and training with his Generation X crew members.

“Someone who has had a major impact on my career would have to be my very first hip hop instructor, Eric Williams. He introduced me to an entirely new feeling and form of movement that would shape me into the dancer I am today. Also, I wouldn’t be where I am now without Karen Bowren, my first dance teacher and close friend who shared her love of dance with me every day I stepped into the studio. Lastly, Mr. Kelly Peters has greatly influenced my professional career as well as becoming a close friend.” One of Brandon’s favorite quotes is, “Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you're probably right.”