Austin Telenko

Austin was born in the chocolate town of Pennsylvania, Hershey PA. While living in Elizabethtown PA all his life, he at first always had the dream of being just like his Dad. At the age of just 9, he realized that sports just wasn’t his thing, and sitting around the house was not what his parents had in mind either. His mother decided to sign him up for a Triple Threats class at the local studio, and he didn’t want any part of it. Little did he know he would be signing up for just about every class offered at the studio. His training really began when he became a member of Morton’s Dance Center. When he is away from the mirror, he enjoys anything outside when the weather allows, spending time with friends, and yes, sometimes even video games. All fun things aside, between working and training, Austin is proud to say that his first big job is this, becoming apart of the Bloc Family! With that being said, the love from his family makes this journey a little easier, but a personal appreciation goes out to Elijah Morton and Renee Censier for the constant push and support. Austin goes day by day remembering one thing, “You don’t win or lose, you win or you learn.”