Augustine Ryser

My name is Augustine Ryser, or more commonly referred to as “Augy”. I’m 17 years old and living in New York with my family.
I first found dance at the young age of 9 when I saw Usher dance on TV. I wanted to move how he did so I would make room in my garage and watch all of his music videos trying my best to imitate his movements. At the same time my two older sisters had been training in a dance studio for a while. My mom thought my dancing was cute and despite having very little money (seriously) she enrolled me in one hip hop class at the same studio. Little did she know how serious I would take it. For the next couple of years I had to drop a number of sports so I could take more classes until I was taking up to fourteen hours of dance a week. I trained in hip hop mostly, but also found a love for breakdancing. Afterwards I trained a bit into technique and jazz.
Over the summer I spent my time at FrenchWoods, a prestigious performing arts camp that I had received a scholarship for dance to go to. I spent the next three summers there and learned a lot about acting, modeling, and music, just as much as dance.
In my first year of high school my hip hop teacher had saw my progress and told me to start going to BDC regularly and conventions. I began to go to the city myself taking advanced hip hop classes weekly. Later, as a birthday present, I got to go to “Monsters of Hip Hop” and “The Pulse on Tour” where I was asked to be in the opening act. I followed this by also going to the “Hip Hop Y.A.R.D.” convention a few months after. In my junior year of high school I was asked to be an assistant for a weekly breakdancing class at BDC. There I met the staff members and adopted some of their lifestyle. I posted videos of myself dancing on Instagram and Facebook, and not too long after I was contacted by a few people to teach an advanced hip hop class for high schoolers and two breakdancing classes for kids.
Currently I am training over fourteen hours a week, teaching four hours, and taking class at BDC regularly. I continue to go to competitions and film my dances whenever I can.