Alexis Holguin


Alexis Holguin mostly known in the dance scene as “Thriller” was born and raised in Dominican Republic in 1995. In the early 2002, inspired by his oldest brother, He started dancing for fun at the young age of 7. After noticing all the attention he was getting through his dance skills, he took it a step further and decided to take dance as a serious career in 2009. In 2012 Alexis got the opportunity to move into the US, which opened many doors for him to be able to showcase his talent. One of this important doors “Silverback Open” (an international break dance competition where more than a thousand contestants from all around the world compete), was his outlet to worldwide recognition when he came up as one of the top competitors for the event. Since then, Thriller has been invited to many countries including China, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and more to perform, compete, and judge. Currently, Thriller is based in New York City working both commercially and theatrically, at a national and international level.  Some of his experiences include many commercials and music videos starring artists like AfroJack, Martin Garrix, and BOA, as well as live performances, TV, and Print, which include online Campaigns for Camel, John John Denim, and a super bowl commercial alongside Iggy Azalea for Monster products. 

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