Jacob Heimer

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Jacob can currently be seen in episode 4 of Tina Fey's UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, and recently wrapped a lead in GOLD STAR with Robert Vaughn and Catherine Curtin (premiering in 2016). He recently played Feste in TWELFTH NIGHT to critical acclaim with Elm Shakespeare: jacob-heimers-music-enriches-a-most-pleasurable-twelfth-night-in-new-haven

Jacob received a BFA in Acting from Syracuse University where he had the opportunity to study at Shakespeare's Globe in London, and also studied with casting directors David Caparelliotis and James Calleri. Since graduating, Jacob has been performing regionally and in New York City, most notably going on for the guitar-playing-singing Rabbi in SOUL DOCTOR off-broadway 20 times. 

In his off time Jacob can be found playing guitar, making coffee for two, and listening to too many podcasts. 

"There was a lot of halting and waiting, little acknowledgment, little affirmation, but sometimes all it takes is a wink or a nod from some unexpected place to vary the tedium of a baffling existence." - B. Dylan