Aakomon "AJ" Jones

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#CardboardPresident Not to mention the #ShitShowCircus that is our current political leadership scenario. I typically don't post a lot of work related things on IG. My viewpoints on social issues, life, and etc. have pretty much always occupied the louder voice in my head. So in addition to @aakomon I've started a New Account to give both you and I, a purely creative space to share my life's works and my many inspirations - past, present, and future. 
Should anyone be interested, please join me
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Aakomon "AJ" Jones’ most recent work can be seen in the newly released James Brown biopic “Get On Up”. His upcoming projects include "Pitch Perfect 2”, directed by Elizabeth Banks and set to be released in 2015, and the highly anticipated “Untitled Rock ‘n Roll Project” directed by Martin Scorsese. AJ’s experience and unique talent has led him to working with an impressive group of filmmakers and actors, for example, “Pitch Perfect”, "The Rum Diary", "Nights of Rodanthe", "Center Stage 2: Turn It Up" and "Dream Girls". His extensive compilation of work also extends into television, having choreographed for “Super Fun Night”, “Dancing With the Stars”, “Community”, and “The Voice”, for which he was also Season 4’s Performance Producer.

A Decatur, Georgia native, AJ's love of music led him to connect with developing artists in Atlanta's music scene. Despite his lack of formal training, AJ was always a natural, and soon began his dance career performing with artists in Atlanta such as Monica and TLC. He did so well that he ended up joining their highly anticipated “Fanmail” Tour.

After establishing himself as a respected dancer, AJ then received his first big break as a choreographer working with the R&B group 112. AJ has choreographed numerous music videos and countless television performances, including the Best Song Nominees for the 2008 Academy Awards.  He has since segued into Creative Directing, working with Usher on his intimate "One Night Stand" US Tour in 2008 and the music video for "OMG,” which was nominated for a 2010 MTV VMA for Best Choreography.

AJ’s success has led him to choreograph for some of the most renowned artists such as Madonna, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Faith Hill, Will Smith, Janelle Monae, Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, The Backstreet Boys, Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake and more. He is unmistakably one of today's hottest choreographers and creative directors for film, television, commercials, and live tours.  His choreography can best be described by the clean lines, musicality, sharpness, and versatility that he brings to the forefront of all his projects.